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Is a Munchkin Cat a Lap Cat?

Whenever anyone considers owning a cat, the question of whether it will rush over the floor to jump in your lap. Munchkin Cats can move pretty quickly, which surprises a lot of people. However, will it rush over to you and curl up in your lap as you watch your favorite TV program.

In short, the answer is yes. The Munchkin Cat is considered a lap cat by almost everyone. My own will often follow me around the apartment and leap up at me when I sit down. Even relaxing on the bed can cause problems with Munchkins around. They are affectionate and very social cats, that delight in being carefully handled. Individual cats aside, most vets and breeders that are familiar with the breed will confirm this. If you decide to own a Munchkin, then you shouldn’t have any problems getting it to jump into your lap. The people who don’t are mainly the people who don’t recognise the breed at all.

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Characteristics of a Lap Cat

Cats are adorable creatures, … errr mostly. Their dishy eyes and twitching tails make them attractive thus most cat lovers desire to hold them. That urge to take cats into their arms and hold them in their laps.

According to Kate Jones a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant (CCBC), lap cats are generally cuddly; this breed will easily play with its owner by jumping in their arms at the slightest opportunity.

The ability of any cat to be friendly or not greatly depends on the individual personality of the cat, and how well it’s treated. A well fed and well maintained cat will always be more likely to jump on a lap than a mistreated one from a lap friendly breed.

Lap cats like to be brushed and stroked as this is a way for them to display affection and love for their owners.  From a young age, lap cats are more receptive to affection and touch. The surest way of developing affection in your cat is finding what your cats love and doing and trying out new strokes that they love.

New cat breeds that are lap cats tend to be happy around their owners, however one should not force a cat to do what they don’t like as the instinct to be affectionate occurs naturally.

Some researchers, however, argue that some cats can be trained to be affectionate, this should be however be done will ensuring that they are comfortable without pushing their limits.

When dealing with a lap cat, it is prudent to ask for permission to handle them as they are at times sensitive just like any other animal. The best approach is not forcefully grabbing them but to let come to you, by doing this, you are respecting their privacy. Of great importance is remembering that the behavior of a cat can be modified by their experience thus ending the experience on a positive note will make your companion happy always.

Is a Munchkin Cat a Lap Cat?

Munchkin kitten walkingSome cats are more friendly to people than others, and amongst the most friendly cats are the Munchkin breed.

I’ve had several and all of them are quite happy to jump up and enjoy any affection I care to shower them with.

Most lap cats are friendly and love cuddling when the opportunity presents itself; Munchkin cats are one of the breeds of cat that most owners would describe as being lap cats. These cats crave company and would easily play with other pets such as dogs and other animals.

They never get enough play as they are cheerful and live for active gameplay. They are a perfect companion for camping as they are ready for the chase and they will never let down the opportunity for warmth which is good for outdoor fun.

These short-legged breeds can be confused for being lazy, but they are an active and lively lap cat. I believe the Munchkin Cat is a lap cat as they tend to enjoy their time with people around them. Mine do, a lot.

What Makes a Munchkin Cat a Good Lap Cat?

Munchkin cats with their adorable eyes and bubbly character will make you feel loved. With their short legs, they could appear to be very sluggish although this is not true as the cat is very energetic. They can move when they want to,

When around other pets they seem to mingle and play with them, it is true that cats are curious but the curiosity shown by Munchkin is on another level. They are easy to play with family members especially children. Their ability to crave for attention and love makes them the perfect lap cats.

You should be willing to embrace the lifestyle of the Munchkin which is sociable in order to empower the lap cat in them. Since they are always on the move as they are energetic and playful, they will however gladly take a sit with you when you are resting on your couch.

They love being touched, but one should be careful on how to handle them since individual cats prefer being treated in a different way thus one should study their behavior in order to keep them happy all the times.

All my Munchkins are very sociable and you can pick them up quite easily. They really don’t mind being handled.

Here are the qualities that I can think of that make them ideal as a lap cat though;

  • Social needs
  • Stranger friendly
  • Intelligent
  • Trusting
  • Child friendly
  • High affection level

I groom and keep them clean with a good bathe quite often and when I do their fur is almost silky soft, so that helps.

Can You Train a Munchkin to be a Lap Cat?

I’ve never really had to train a Munchkin Cat to be receptive to the idea of being on my lap. It seems to be an instinct that they are born with.

That said, there are always individuals who may not seem to be as keen as the rest of the breed.

So, here’s what I might consider as a way to train the Munchkin if you find an unwilling one.

  1. Start by figuring out what your cat positively responds to. Every Munchkin Cat is different, as well as every cat. They have all been shaped by years of evolutionary training and recent experiences. Everyone has a unique story to tell and responds differently. Some Munchkins prefer playing, some prefer to be groomed and brushed. Some even prefer to have their ears massaged. Learn what works for your Munchkin and occasionally sit down with them while performing their favorite task.
  2. Have a treat or toy in your lap. Something they can identify with. Your goal should be to create positive experiences to go with their preferred inducement method. Can be a favorite treat or a toy they particularly like.
  3. Never force the Munchkin onto your lap. This never does any good. It also reinforces negative emotions with what you are trying to achieve. Forcing a Munchkin into your lap against its will has the opposite effect. It may just want to go to the toilet and you are therefore causing them problems. It makes any future interaction harder.
  4. Get the timing right. Do it appropriately. It’s not ideal to wake them up, try just after, or before eating. They have their mind on other things. Wait for an opportune moment, when they appear to be just wandering aimlessly looking for something to do.
  5. The training is over when the Munchkin says so. Remember, you are trying to create positive experiences. If your Munchkin is getting restless or wants to go wandering, or is curious about a sound they have heard, that should be your cue that the training is over. Chances are you will know when this moment has arrived. They will be much more interested in something else and you should respect that.


Munchkin Cat kittenEvery cat owner somehow craves for the love of their feline family member, and different breeds of cat have a different way of showing affection. Lap cats are cuddly and will not mind showing affection to their owner.

These kind of cats finds themselves crawling to their owner and love sitting on their laps and being playful with them.

Munchkin Cats are a  breed which is distinctive for their short legs would appear to be dull, but the looks are deceiving since they are a very energetic curious feline.

They could easily join you when you are resting and would never mind playing with other family members such as children and other pets like dogs. If you would love to own a lap cat, the Munchkin breed is the best choice for you given their own physical characteristics and lovely character as well.

And if you needed any proof;

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