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Best Pet Furniture for Munchkin Cats (or Any Cat!)

Okay, if you’re like me, your kitties are your whole world.

I know mine are. I worry about them every day…

Munchkin cat playing houseI know they’re safe and warm in my home and have adequate food and water while I am away at work or what have you. But when they can’t go outdoors for fun and exercise, what can I do to stimulate my kitties’ natural need to climb, play, act out hunting abilities, and just have fun?

After all, I’d get really bored in my home if I didn’t have any place to explore. Thankfully, my little guys have a place they can really hang out and play and get some exercise, even on those really cold days!

Plus, if you’ve got indoor cats like i have that aren’t allowed outside, this kitty condo is a nice gift that you can give your furry kids. They’ll get a big kick out of playing on this thing, and let’s not even go into the laughs it generates. You might as well get ready to start a YouTube channel with all the funny stuff that happens on it. I know watching my little ones play on this thing has generated more than one belly laugh!

So, by this point, you’re probably asking me to get to the point and tell you what the product is. Okay, you asked for it!

The Product

This Go Pet Club cat tree furniture is amazing in so many ways. I remember when I first laid eyes on this product, I had to have it. The main selling point for me as a Munchkin owner is the fact that it has a ladder, making it easier for them to climb onto the toy. This is also a great tool for senior or otherwise disabled cats who might need a little extra boost getting up there. It would also be easy to buy a plank, cover it with carpet remnant and add it to the kitty furniture in case you have a cat who cannot climb so well.

It’s got a nice little hidey hole for those shy cats right in the middle-great for those who require a secure place when guests or people they don’t know very well. There’s also a fun rope hanging down, so they get the joy of playing with a dangling string. And the fact that it is covered in soft carpet is pleasing to their paws, and also provides a safe place to scratch (my cats do tend to scratch despite having a scratching post at their disposal). I also loved the little bowl/hammock off to the side-my one baby loves to lie there in the sunlight and it looks oh so cute when she does!

Munchkin cat playing indoors

It will easily match your house decor too. I chose the standard beige, as I felt this was fine, but you can get it in black, brown, or blue. All of them look cool no matter where you place them.

Setup and First Impressions

Upon unboxing it, I was really impressed by how soft it was to the touch. It came pretty quickly, so I was able to set it up right away and get my cats to play with it ASAP. The setup was very easy to do. I did it all myself with minimal tools.

The total weight of the item is only 41 pounds-not a terribly heavy thing to lift but do keep it in mind if you are not supposed to be lifting heavy things up. It really only took me about fifteen or so minutes to put it all together, which is a very reasonable amount of time to get this thing put together.

Now I mentioned earlier that my baby (the youngest of the group) loves to sleep in the bowl off to the side. She is not a kitten, but a grown cat. And even though that bowl is a bit on the small side, she still sleeps in that bowl and hangs out. I guess the internet memes of “if I fits, i sits,” ring true after all. She is happy, and that’s what counts. She weighs about 6 lbs., for what it’s worth.

You use a lot of double ended screws in holding this thing together. The instructions don’t actually have any words on them. It did not hold me back, however, from getting it all put together in an efficient manner, but it is something for you to be aware of when you buy it.

My Kitties’ Impressions

Munchkin cat on cat houseThose of you with munchkins at home know that their legs don’t hold them back from doing what other cats do. But, having short legs as they do does mean they cannot jump as high as other cats. Therefore, it is important to make sure that any toys, trees and kitty furniture you purchase is conducive to the short-legged nature of the munchkin.

And if you have a senior cat who may not be as mobile as they were in the past, you will really like this tree. The ladder made it easy for all of my guys to climb up and begin enjoying the fun of the tree. They love to scratch, and they really love that rope that hangs down. And my one loves what I affectionately call “the crow’s nest” AKA the basket that sits on top of the tree.

And like other cats at 3 AM, my furry family goes crazy. Cat lovers know what I mean.

It’s in the wee hours of the morning, and all you hear is running up and down the hallways, jumping off shelves, and otherwise a general level of craziness.

Well, the craziness doesn’t stop when it comes to the cat tree, no way!

My cats climb on this thing, jump on it, swat at each other on it, and jump up and down on it like it’s nothing. And I am so happy to say that the quality is definitely there. If you have an active family like I have, you can buy this thing with confidence. It’s not going to fall apart after one or two cats jump off it, climb on it, or have a scuffle on it. Go Pets designed it with reality in mind.

Other Things to Consider

I do not know how this product would fare with a chubby or naturally big cat. All of my Munchkin cats are about 6 or so pounds. However, if you have a fat cat or a kitty who is naturally big, you may wish to read some reviews. The ones I perused had mixed ideas. Some people were writing about how well the tree handles their 9-pound cat, others indicated that it was not designed well enough to accommodate a cat of such a size.

One customer even wrote about how well her 9 lb. cat did, even snapping a photo of him sleeping inside the basket, all rolled up in the cute way that cats do. It appears that this is a situation in which your mileage may vary-just use your best judgement when purchasing this for a bigger guy or gal.

The Final Verdict

Munchkin quad pictureIf you’re on the fence about whether or not to buy this product for your cat, I’d say go for it. As Munchkin owners, we know we’ve been blessed with something really special. These little cats came to use because they needed a special owner who would understand their individual needs and desires. And a special cat can’t just have any old toys!

Indeed, this is a great tool for Munchkins. Although they are good at climbing, their jumping skills fall short when compared to the average cat. Therefore, the ladder is a great feature and also is great for those limited mobility cats.

The material is another value-add, as it is just the stuff cats love to scratch at, satisfying those natural desires. And, it feels soft and pleasant to the touch, so you can be assured they are walking and playing on comfort (especially during cold days where paws might get cold walking on linoleum or tile floors).

The way the tree is designed is conducive to cats. They get those nice nooks and crannies ideal for curling up and taking extended naps in, and even a rope that they can chase around and “hunt”. Shy cats will really love the little hidey hole portion of it, providing them a safe place to relax when they are stressed out.

And the durability of it was what really sold me. Again, I was pleased to hear my cats having fun and doing their usual 3 AM chases and jumping on their tree. It was still standing in the morning, so it’s a winner!

There’s really not a lot of “cons” with making this purchase. Some buyers felt it was not great for their larger cats, but aside from this, reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and I feel this is accurate.

So-if you desire a safe, fun and healthy (and sometimes humorous) method for your cats to get some exercise, be the Munchkin or otherwise-go for this tree. The price is worth it and will put a smile on everybody’s face, and a purr in your belly.

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